Public Testimonials from Kareo:

    • JOHN
    • Mar 28, 2023
    ‘Great response to treatments !’
    • KAREN
    • Mar 23, 2023
    ‘Dr Gronski is competent and caring —she understands pain relief and works well with physical therapists’
    • Mar 10, 2023
    ‘Dr Lisa Gronski is the best of the best! I relocated back to CT after 14 years in AZ. My former Dr had retired. I never thought I’d find a Dr who treated me as an individual and took the time to listen, as I had living in AZ. I’ve been abundantly blessed in having found Dr Gronski! She is an excellent practitioner and a wonderful person ??’
    • Mar 10, 2023
    ‘Lisa Gronski listens and understands, excellent at what she does!’
    • Mar 07, 2023
    ‘Dr Gronski always listens and works to improve things for her patients. Very happy to be a patient.’
    • ERICA
    • Mar 04, 2023
    ‘Dr. Gronski has a very caring attitude and approach to her patients.’
    • Feb 28, 2023
    ‘Dr Gronski was able to see me within 24 hours of a severe flare of muscle spasms in my neck which was keeping me in bed with a migraine that caused me to lose my vision, and endure severe nausea. Within 20 minutes of receiving Osteopathic manipulations, relief began. Dr Gronski is a woman to be honored for her compassion and expertise in the field of OMM. Thank you Dr Gronski for being true to who you are!’
    • ROBERT
    • Feb 14, 2023
    ‘Everything went as expected. Could not ask for anything more.’
    • GARY
    • Feb 10, 2023
    ‘Dr. Gronski is caring and knowledgeable.’
    • Feb 08, 2023
    ‘Dr. Gronski is my lifeline to good health. With degenerative spine disease, I need to monitor my physical well-being in order to maximize my active lifestyle now and in the future. I see Dr. Gronski every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on my symptoms, and she provides treatment, advice, and a long-range perspective on my prospects for living well and symptom-free.’
    • Feb 03, 2023
    ‘On the road to recovery thanks to Dr. Gronski’s careful diagnosis, helpful recommendations and healing touch. She is a highly professional practitioner and caring provider :-)’
    • JOHN
    • Feb 01, 2023
    ‘Very warm friendly environment to be treated at.’
    • KAREN
    • Jan 20, 2023
    ‘Always leave with better alignment’
    • Jan 19, 2023
    ‘Very professional. Took the time to understand what was hurting and after aligning given suggestions to keep it from. Happening in the future. Will rebook if problem occurs again.’
    • Dec 29, 2022
    ‘Dr Gronski is caring, professional, and extremely adept at delivering osteopathic manual medicine to her patients. I felt that I could stand taller and straighter immediately even after the first treatment. My neck, back and shoulder pain are better also.’
    • ALESIA
    • Dec 22, 2022
    ‘Fantastic! A new neck!’
    • ROBERT
    • Dec 16, 2022
    • ROBERT
    • Dec 02, 2022
    ‘5 stars tells it all.’
    • GLORIA
    • Nov 30, 2022
    ‘I can’t say enough positive things about Dr Gronski! Professional, listens, advises, suggests methods and alternatives, open to your thoughts. Excellent and knowledgeable!’
    • DEBRA
    • Nov 29, 2022
    ‘Highly recommend! I never feel rushed; always walk out feeling better than when I arrived. Dr Gronski has addressed lower back an shoulder pain with excellent results’
    • JOHN
    • Nov 26, 2022
    ‘Very confident and thorough. Noticed improvement on my first visit.’
    • Nov 15, 2022
    ‘Dr Lisa Gronski is an outstanding practitioner. She not only is gifted, she is intuitive, personable, and caring.’
    • JASON
    • Nov 13, 2022
    ‘Dr Gronski is professional, perfectly communicative and someone I trust completely in my care.’
    • DIANNE
    • Nov 07, 2022
    ‘Will pass on this.’
    • Nov 05, 2022
    ‘Dr Gronski is a rare jewel! She is both my PCP & Osteopathic provider. Other Drs could benefit in gleaning from her knowledge and skills. Dr Gronski sees her patients as unique individuals, she is personable, caring, and kind. Easy to communicate with.’
    • MARTEY
    • Nov 04, 2022
    ‘Dr. Gronski always makes me feel better’
    • Oct 20, 2022
    ‘Dr Gronski is very compassionate. She takes the time to listen to my concerns. She’s very knowledgeable and I value her advice.’
    • Oct 18, 2022
    ‘My experience with the office from scheduling to receiving care could not have been better.’
    • Oct 18, 2022
    ‘it felt very good’
    • SHARON
    • Oct 06, 2022
    ‘Excellent care’
    • BRENDA
    • Oct 04, 2022
    ‘Wonderful experience. I’ve had issues for years and after only two visits there is a marked improvement in the way I feel/move. Dr. Gronski is very thorough and takes the time to understand and address all troubled areas.’
    • DONALD
    • Oct 03, 2022
    ‘Very professional’
    • Sep 23, 2022
    ‘It is wonderful to have a doctor who truly listens. She offers multiple treatment paths and discusses the benefits/downside of each. Clearly outlines course of treatment and expectations. Overall an extremely positive experience and exceptional quality of care.’
    • KAREN
    • Sep 16, 2022
    ‘Superb care —always walk out better’
    • CARINA
    • Sep 15, 2022
    ‘Dr. Gronsky listened and gave thoughtful suggestions. My appt with her truly helped a long standing issue. She is the best!!’
    • SHARON
    • Sep 14, 2022
    ‘Dr. Gronski is very attentive and provides excellent care.’
    • SILVIA
    • Sep 09, 2022
    ‘I had a very positive experience with Dr. Gronski. My neck and jaw have been bothering with ongoing pain for a very long time and the techniques Dr. Gronski used are AMAZING. She truly helped ease my pain. She is very knowledgably, and I can tell she truly enjoy what she is doing helping patient to better health.’
    • Sep 06, 2022
    ‘Dr. Gronsky is a great listener and always gets feedback as how one is feeling before she proceeds with each appointment.’
    • MARK
    • Aug 26, 2022
    ‘It’s obvious that Dr. Gronski is always prepared for my appointment and has read up on all of my history etc…. She makes me feel like I’m her only patient for the day and I always walk away feeling well cared for.’
    • Aug 10, 2022
    ‘Knowledgeable, experienced and attentive.’
    • Aug 08, 2022
    ‘I highly recommend Dr. Gronski!’
    • JASON
    • Aug 06, 2022
    ‘Dr. Gronski is the best. I followed her to her private practice after her invaluable help last year. She is professional, brings perfect consultation to the discussion and is really respectful toward the patient. She is awesome!’
    • ANN
    • Aug 04, 2022
    ‘Dr Gronski has a special gift of knowing exactly what is not working in my body and how to help me feel better.’
    • NICOLE
    • Aug 03, 2022
    ‘I am very fortunate to have Dr. Gronski as my PCP and have her provide Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment to me. She is a caring and kind individual, who works hard to meet the needs of her patients. My questions are always answered in a timely manner, concerns addressed and all interactions are positive. I will continue to put trust and confidence in Dr. Gronski as my physician.’
    • Jul 28, 2022
    ‘I have referred to Dr Gronski as the “faith healer” ever since my first visit. Her manipulations are so gentle that it feels like a simple”laying of hands” on my neck and back. But the results are incredible. My range of motion is increased dramatically and the aches in my muscles are reduced.’
    • LORI
    • Jul 26, 2022
    ‘Lisa does wonders for my neck’
    • Jul 24, 2022
    ‘Dr Gronski is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. She listens to my concerns and addresses all my issues.’
    • KAREN
    • Jul 23, 2022
    ‘Excellent treatment’
    • LORI
    • Jul 08, 2022
    ‘I had Dr. Gronski treat me in the past. She does wonders with my neck’
    • DEBRA
    • Jul 06, 2022
    ‘Great experience. Didn’t feel in the least bit rushed. Dr Gronski explains in detail the issues and resolution’
    • Jul 03, 2022
    ‘I actually hobbled into DR. Lisa Grinski ‘s office. It had been 3 weeks of sever pain! She knew what wad 3 weeks ago it started. A small twist. Dr.Lisa Gronski was incredible! No fliwery comments . Dr. Lisa started immediately. I was started the first day! I am sooo happy to’
    • GLORIA
    • Jul 01, 2022
    ‘On time, professional, personable, very easy to talk to, listens and explains your condition. Excellent at her ability to identify and help resolve the problem’